For the first time since the opening of the Great Belt Bridge it will be opened for cyclists, on 1 September 2012. With the relaunch of Denmark’s longest recreational bicycle road race, Aarhus-Copenhagen, Denmark now has a race to rival that of other great international events. The last time the race was held was in 2005 where participants were bussed across the bridge. With the new permission granted to Veggerby Sport & Culture to cross the bridge non-stop by bicycle we can hopefully look forward to an outstanding experience.

A shorter race will also be features, which will start in Odense where there will also be halfway feed zones for participants starting in Aarhus. Remember that you participate at your own risk and that the race organiser does not accept legal or financial liability in any way.

This also applies to the unlikely case where the weather or other circumstances makes it unsafe to cross the bridge. Whether participants can cross the bridge or not will be exclusively determined by the police and Sund&Bælt. In this case, participants will be bussed across the bridge with their bikes in a bike trailer. Their race time will be suspended.

Event Details