The ASVÖ KING OF THE LAKE is a cycling event (individual time trilal) and will take place in September, 30th, 2017 around Lake Attersee (Upper Austria). The complete 47,2 km long route around lake Attersee will be closed to the traffic, a very unique circostance in the European time-trial race calendar! The length of the route and the challenging profile help that the race becomes really special. It should be a challenge not only for time trial experts and triathletes, but also “normal” cyclists should be encouraged to join it as they start in different classes. At least also teams of 4 can try to reach the personal limits and compete with other athlets.

The ASVÖ-KING OF THE LAKE is an individual time trial event that will be held in Austria in September, 30th, 2017 on the beautiful district of the lakes near Salzburg (Upper Austria), exactly on lake Attersee. The event is more than a pure sporting occurrence rather the cultural aspect plays an equally big role. The whole 47.2 km (with 280 meters ob climbing) lake shore road will be closed and dedicated to the race, thus this makes it the biggest race event of its kind in Europe. The same is true for its length and the challenging character of the route. Not only the dedicated time trial specialist are welcome however all those steadfast road cyclist. There multiple categories, the most appealing one is that of 4 man team time trial.

The TTT will be started in Schörfling, whereby the start and finish area is slated to be located in Kammer.  The whole 47.2 km lake shore road will be closed and dedicated to the race, thus this makes it the biggest race event of its kind, and this makes the 6th edition of ASVÖ-KING OF THE LAKE a unique event. The surrounding ambient makes the event even more appealing. The race will be ridden around the whole lake Attersee. Since 2011 the ASVÖ-KING OF THE LAKE is a set schedule in all road racers scheduler. The route is littered with fan zones, hence a an excited vibe is guaranteed. The race is highly known and kept in high regards across Europe, no wonder, the huge attendance of racers from all across Europe, like Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, as well as that form oversee, like USA, New Zeeland, etc.

In 2016 it was the turn of the Austrian cyclist Wolfgang Götschhofer (1:00:56,08), now he is the King of the Lake and he could go on the podium together with Peter Pawlus (1:01:28,84) and Tino Beck (1:01:36,36). Elite King 2016 became Riccardo Zoidl (Aut) with an increbible time of 57:04,97: in 2106 thre atlets got a time under the hour: so did also  Tobias Erler (59:09,96) and Lukas Stoiber (1:02:28,26).

The amount of volunteers goes up to 150 people, in order to warrant a smoothly running event. Obviously an after party will be held as well. The winners will be celebrated accordingly, the very same goes for the spectators, entourage and attending family members : Drink, food, music, etc. makes sure, the vibe will be kept high spirited.

The organizing team Atterbiker had always made sure that this event will be remembered as one of those unique races that all participants will be fond of going forward.
 Attersee is a village on the western shore of Attersee lake in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. The holiday region Attersee-Salzkammergut full fills your desire for joie de vivre and life spirit! The charming, untouched and divers nature landscape around lake Attersee has been an inspiration. Comparable to Claude Monet’s Giverny, Paul Cézanne’s Provence and Egon Schiele’s Krumau, the Attersee was a place of unique artistic activity for Gustav Klimt (1862-1918). The world-renowned artist regularly spent the summer months between 1900 and 1916 in this region. It was here on the Attersee that he created the vast majority of his over 50 known landscapes, which still delight art enthusiasts all over the world. Experience a touch of this unique atmosphere for yourself!  A visit to the Klimt Center, a walk along the Klimt Artist Trail or a boat ride on the Attersee will allow you to retrace Klimt’s steps and explore his impressive motifs on land or from the lake. Soon you too will understand Klimt’s annual longing to “be there”!

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