Granfondo Campagnolo Roma 2017

Lake Albano, which the Pope’s summer residence oversees, Rocca di Papa, Rocca Priora, Montecompatri are our four challenging timed climbs, with hard, dry features as they say in cycling words, could “be very painful” the muscles already tested by a path not exactly flat, especially in the city section with Roman cobblestones reminiscent of the legendary North European pavé.

The timed hill climbs:

  • Panoramica (Lake Albano) 2.3 kilometers, with an average gradient of 5.9% and a maximum of 8%.
  • Murus (Rocca di Papa) 1.1 kilometers with an average gradient of 10.3% and a maximum of 16%.
  • Rocca Priora – Trofeo Corriere dello Sport 6 kilometres, average gradient of 6.3% and maximum 13%
  • Rostrum (Montecompatri) 0.720 kilometers with a wall at an average gradient of 12% and maximum of 18%.

Rome is always near. You ride the hills, touching 800 meters above sea level, the fresh air, the feeling of being on vacation but wanting to race, that makes you want to crank it up. Head down, with hills and slopes and then Pratoni del Vivaro, a landscape straight out of Spaghetti Westerns, the Roman countryside and finally the return to Rome … goodbye to the freshness of the Castelli, hello the heat of the Eternal City.

An innovative gran fondo. Final classifications are awarded and for each category based on timing of the timed climbs with prizes in each category according to the times recorded in the four official hill climbs.

And a wonderful new initiative called Campagnolo Campagnolo Climbing Championship, for those who will go first in the four climbs of the Gran Fondo: Overview of the time trial, the Murus, Rocca Priora – Trofeo Corriere dello Sport and Rostrum who will have the honor of a special mesh.

A ranking for men, women of different categories in order to better represent all competitive, rewarding the most competitive, from the youngest to the oldest, will consecrate the Campagnolo Climbing Champion. And also two links will award the winners in the overall calculation of the 4 climbs and after arrivals you will be able to celebrate the King of Rome and The Queen of Rome. All Campagnolo Climbing Champion will show off their jersies the next year and will be entitled to a place in the front row of the starting grid. And, at the Expo Village, a Roman column “Wall of Fame” will have plates with the names of the winners.


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