Haiduci & Domnite MTB (XCM)

On the bike saddles, hundreds of ladies and brave men will gather in the heart of the woodlands to transform the passion for cycling into a fairy tale experience. MPG team and Razvan Juganaru are there to meet their desires, bringing to life a course worthy of folk songs. They added the atmosphere of present times in order to offer the perfect experience in the middle of nature, spicing it all up with just the right amount of adrenaline and excitement for all those who will accept the invitation at Haiduci & Domnite (Brave men & Ladies) Alert climbs through the wood’s labyrinth, sprints along real highways of the forests, tranquil encounters with ponds, all will flash in front of you once you get enchanted by one of the most spectacular races in Riders Club. In the Start/Finish area the outdoorsy atmosphere will complete the adventure and will offer the perfect opportunity to write new stories.

Event Details