North Cape 4000 – unsupported bicycle adventure

1 continent, 10 countries, over 4200 km self supported with a legendary destination, the Arctic Circle! This is the NorthCape4000, the Ultracycling Bike Adventure.


Lake Garda, Italy. Just in this magical place, full of charm and kissed by beauty, the new edition of the NorthCape4000 will start on July 28, 2018. It will be a distinguishing edition for many reasons.

We will have a completely redesigned route and control gates, with the great novelty of the fixed track. This time, we will provide Riders with the complete and carefully designed track, which will take them from Lake Garda to North Cape, through an extraordinary geographical evolution that will cover 10 nations and 4200 km. All along the same road, our Riders will share an extraordinary experience that represents the very essence of Adventure. In addition, the 2018 news include the NC4K RoadBook, a useful tool for our riders, available in paper and digital version.

Finally, the media coverage of the event, which is an authentic pedigree of NorthCape4000, will be doubled in 2018. We will do things in a big way just like in the first edition: thanks to our service cars, Polar 1 and Polar 2, we will offer a massive and detailed media coverage for the entire duration of the event, from the departure from Italy to the Arctic Circle up to North Cape, thus giving even more voice, depth and power to the faces and exciting stories of our Riders.

But let’s go back to the path. Close your eyes for a moment and view the majesty of the Alps. Imagine some of the most beautiful cities in the Old World, the timeless charm of Central Europe and the retro charm of Eastern Europe, tracts of forests, boundless countryside swept by the wind and places where history has left an indelible mark through the events of the European continent. Then, imagine pedalling in a natural paradise, Finland, along a route that, this time, will take you to the wildest part of the country, next to the border with Russia and the famous “Iron Curtain”, namely the ideological boundary, even before physical boundary, which once separated two worlds and two ways of life. Then, go on northwards, next to crystal-clear lakes and up to Rovaniemi, the only Gate maintained from the 2017 edition and terrestrial coordinate not to be missed, in which the Arctic fairy tale takes shape, opening the doors of a magical world: Lapland. Finally, the last 600 km towards North Cape, where you will often wonder if it’s a dream or not.

Now, reopen your eyes because all that is real and it’s the background of what awaits you in the 2018 edition of NorthCape4000.

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