TRINACRIA BIKE TRAIL 2018 – Sicily Unsupported Bike Adventure

The Trinacria Bike Trail is an event designed for bikepacking enthusiasts who want to discover a wonderful part of Sicily on their bike.
It is not a race, there are no fixed stops and there is no time limit to finish the route: only you and your bike!
Equipped with GPS, you will follow the track in .gpx format that you will receive after registering.

29 SEPTEMBER 2018, save the date!
The start date of the event is scheduled for September 29, 2018, we will start all together and everyone will face the trail in self-sufficiency managing it as it sees fit. What are you waiting for? Sign up to receive the track for free!

365 days a year
Can not you attend the official event? Just sign up to receive the track and then decide when you want to enjoy the Trinacria Bike Trail!

Do you like trekking?
No problem! The TBT track will give emotions and wonderful views to those who want to tackle it by walking.

Event Details