Race Events

Le Tour du Mont Blanc 2018 – The world’s toughest race!
145 Eur
212018 Jul
330 km
8000 m
France, Les Saisies
More than a challenge, performing beyond one’s limits, a unique experience…  The Tour du Mont Blanc event became in a few years one of the international ultra cycling event reference. This XXL event with its 330 km is open to everyone, it is not necessary to justify previous sporting prowess, we are convinced your mental...
Tatra Road Race 2018 – Zakopane Poland
142018 Jul
122/55 km
3200/1500 m
Poland, Zakopane
The hardest amateur ROAD race in Poland! Everyone who takes up the challenge and stands at the start, keeps bearing in mind the beauty and toughness of the race. Every person who wants to give a try in this competition, will find a suitable distance: FUN – 55 km with 1500m elevation gain and PRO with...
Transcontinental Race
282017 Jul
1900 km
Belgium, Geraardsbergrn
The PEdAL ED Transcontinental Race is the definitive self-supported bicycle race across Europe.  At the sharp end it is a beautifully hard bicycle race, simple in design but complex in execution.  Factors of self reliance, logistics, navigation and judgement burden racers’ minds as well as their physiques.  The strongest excel and redefine what we think...
Schweriner-Seen-Jedermann-Radrennen durch die Lewitz
40-55 Eur
242017 Sep
55/91 km
Germany, Schwerin
Termin: 23.09.2017 Ort: 19055 Schwerin, Alter Garten Veranstalter: MK Sportevent Michael Kruse sportl. Leitung: Meinke-Sport, Uwe Meinke Vorstart: Alter Garten 3, 19055 Schwerin Wettbewerb: Straßenrennen Startzeiten: R1 09:30 Uhr R2 09:45 Uhr R3 09:45 Uhr Strecke: R1 91,0 km R2 55,0 km R3 55,0 km Klasseneinteilung: – Männer / Frauen 18 – 39 Jahre –...
Tommy Godwin Challenge 2017
20-23 Eur
242017 Sep
30/70/100 km
United Kingdom, Solihull
The Tommy Godwin Challenge was created in 2013 by Sarah and Mike Adams to honour the cycling icon and 1948 Olympic medalist, Tommy Godwin and to build on the legacy of London 2012, of which he was a proud Ambassador. It is run by a group of dedicated volunteers . All the profits will go...
Tour de Kerteminde
242017 Sep
25/60/120 km
Denmark, Munkebo
Motion for alle Tour de Kerteminde er ikke et løb, hvor det gælder om at komme først over målstregen. Alle motionister, der krydser målstregen, betragtes som vindere! Når du tilmelder dig Tour de Kerteminde støtter du samtidig Folkekirkens Nødhjælps arbejde mod sult. De sportslige kvaliteter skal være i orden, og der skal være plads til...
5 Eur
012017 Oct
75 km
Denmark, Charlottenlund
3 BACKROADS er cykelløb over 75 km der tager dig gennem Københavns nordlige back roads. Rytterne vil køre på små stier, asfalt og en smule singletrack her og der. Man kan køre på både MTB, crosscykel eller racercykel med lidt brede dæk. Hver har sin fordel. Løbet køres med marshalls, afmærkede ruter, tidstagning, depoter, teknisk support...